Camping Axe

₹ 35/ Day

₹ 130/ 10 Days

  • Head Weight – 550 GMS
  • Overall Length – 380 MM / 15″ American Hardwood Handle.
  • Polished & Sharpened Edge to cut wood with less effort.
  • Handle Fitted with Steel and Wood Wedge. Machine Pressed.
  • Ideal for Camping/Trekking/Light Woodcutting.


Tools center 600 gm hand axe heavy duty drop forged hatchet kindling wood carpentry metal tools center 600 gm hand axe made from drop forged carbon steel. Fiberglass handle. so durable and reliable quality.

Made using tough quality steel, so the axe head is sharpened and polished to a keen cutting edge.
Because it has been drop-forged, heat treated and tempered.
a safe fitting, it is ergonomically designed with a contoured shape that makes it comfortable to hold.