Waterproof Trekking Shoes

₹ 99/ Day

₹ 550 / 10 Days

Waterproof trekking shoes for rent.

Quechua trekking and hiking shoes for rent in Bangalore low cost rental

Quechua shoes and Woodland shoes are available for rentals.

Himalayan models are available.

Good quality and good grip trekking shoes for rent.


Trekking enthusiasts will love these comfortable and lightweight hiking boots.

Designed to guarantee excellent foot motion and low cost rental.

Perfect for long treks on roads that are suitable for vehicles. Try on both boots when rented, while standing up, with the socks worn for hiking. Try on several models or sizes if necessary.

Check two comfort points the base of the heel and the forefoot when going downhill.

You should not feel any pressure points when trying them on.

Feel free to walk around the store. Gradually wear in your boots over the course of a few hikes so that they conform to your feet.