decathlon tents for rent

Real camping is living in the outdoors with those you care about in some of the most beautiful places in the world and experiencing all the nature truly has to offer.

What equipment do need it,

Tent rental, torch/flashlight/lantern rental, sleeping bag rental, lockable duffel bag (recommended), Therm-a-Rest/air mattress, Swiss Army knife rent, stove rent , whistle rent, lighter rental, hammer/mallet (to drive tent stakes into the ground), axe/saw/hatchet (for chopping firewood for campfire), ropes rental, tarpaulin (to protect against rain), food storage rental, cooler (to store drinks and fresh produce), Our work is we can do rentals all these camping gears for rental in Bangalore.

Best season in India

It’s unadvisable to camp out in the open in bone-chilling cold or enervating heat (unless you’re an extreme adventurer!). That leaves the rest of the year, plenty of time to plan a camping trip. The months of spring and autumn are the ideal, while both early summer and early winter offer delightful conditions for a bit of outdoors relaxation (or adventure!).


Out in the open, you’ll come across denizens of the wilderness who might think you’re trespassing on their territory, so do maintain a respectful distance. Come well prepared (see equipment), and ready for any emergency. rent need camping equipment’s. Nature, in the form of the animal kingdom and the weather, does tend to spring some nasty surprises, so make sure you have your wits about you. And come equipped with bucketloads of patience!

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